Sweetheart Cupcakes With Strawberry Centers

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These chocolate pudding cupcakes with strawberry centers look so pretty and will add a real wow! factor to an afternoon tea.  The strawberry is inserted into the cooked cake, so there’s no danger it will go squishy (cooked strawberries are not my favorite…

The recipes and clear, well photographed instructions can be found on the Instructables page.  For ease a packet cake mix and pudding mix are used.  However, if you like the idea, but not the packet-mix aspect, simply substitute your favorite chocolate cake recipe and add some gloopy chocolate ganache. I can’t decide how dark to go, chocolate-wise, as I wouldn’t want to over-power the sweet strawberry – time to experiment!

Sweetheart Cupcakes With Strawberry Centers

(Photo from: Little Mom on the Prairie via Instructables)