How To Make Mead (Delicious Honey wine)

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Home brewing and wine making are two things I have a lot of experience of; there have been many successes and lots of disasters. Of everything I have ever tried to make, mead has been by far the biggest success…

There are many variations of mead, for example, the one I make is actually called a Melomeli (honey & fruit), but to keep things simple, I’m going to call it mead. This mead is absolutely delicious! It tastes like a very high quality fruity white wine, but a word of warning, mead is usually around twice the alcohol strength of wine, so it packs a punch.

Mead is super simple to make, but for it to be at its best, you really need to let it sit and mature for several months, the longer the better.  You can drink it after a month or so, but it will improve greatly with time. If you have wine making equipment, great, if not, it can be made in a food grade bucket with a lid and cheap airlock. Alternatively, you can purchase a 1 Gallon Glass Wine Fermenter-INCLUDES Airlock from Amazon for $17.49.  Whatever you decide,  make sure you save some empty wine (for bottling) whilst it is fermenting and maturing. You’ll also need to purchase some cheap wine bottle corks (click the link to get them from Amazon.)

The mead I make is based on a recipe called: Joe Mattioli’s Ancient Orange And Spice Mead.  It has cinnamon, clove and orange in it and it is very festive.  I mix it all up and I forget about it and leave it to ferment for several months, before bottling. I then bottle it and forget about it again until Christmas. If you want to give it a go, you still have time this year to make some in time for Christmas.

 Joe Mattioli’s Ancient Orange And Spice Mead Recipe