Pasta – Types To Buy & How To Cook It Perfectly

There are so many different types, shapes and sizes of pasta to buy.  Some are specific to certain recipes and others are more generic. This great video from ThePastaChannel goes through some of the common types of pasta and provides […]

How To Make Your Own Vanilla Extract

Vanilla extract is vital for so many dessert/sweet recipes and other homemade projects like candles and soaps. The problem is there is no getting away from the fact that vanilla extract is very expensive, and you seriously don’t want to […]

Amazing No-Knead Bread Recipe With Step-By-Step Instructions

Not much beats the smell and taste of fresh home baked bread. You only have to look at the photo above to know it smells delicious and tastes great… Bread-makers have their place, they do an ok job if you […]

Sun-Dried Tomato and Spinach Omelet (10-minutes!)

Sometimes you want a quick and light lunch or dinner and this is where I think omelets come into their own. You can go simple with a straight egg omelet, or you can be more adventurous with what you add […]

How To Make A Vodka Watermelon

We did this last summer and it tastes so, so good on a hot day. Be careful though as it is very refreshing, but it can pack a punch… How to make a Vodka Watermelon You will need: some vodka, […]

Best Ever (And Easiest) Herb Roasted Chicken

I can absolutely confirm that this method from ‘KC In The Kitchen’ might just be the best way to roast a chicken. It’s not the quickest way, that would be to just throw the chicken on a tray into the […]

How to Make Your Own Coconut Milk (Quick & easy)

Sometimes (especially if it is easy to do), it is just nicer to make things from scratch, rather than going for the convenience of a ready-made packet or a tin. This is the case with coconut milk. Sure, you can […]