Witches Broomstick Cookies

What a fun cookie/pretzel combination to make for a school Halloween Party. A homemade sugar cookie dough dressed up with pretzels and chocolate for a Witches Broom! “Sugar Cookies to Peterbilts” joined a cookie club and this month was an […]

Apple Pie Egg Rolls

These egg rolls are a reminder of the crispy apple pies that used to be served at McDonald’s! They were crispy, crunchy and filled with a warm apple pie filling. Holly of “Spend with Pennies” gives us another great recipe […]

Peach Pocket Pies

These little pies are easy to put together and can be filled with any fruit. When peaches are in season use fresh, but frozen works just as well in this recipe. “Comfy Cuisine” added a little Lemon Curd to the […]

Caramel Apple Nachos

What could be nicer than a tray of caramel apples – already cut up for you so you can eat a few or eat a whole apple’s worth! “Butter with a side of Bread” shares this awesome recipe to serve […]

White Chocolate Cinnamon-Apple Popcorn

It’s super easy to thrown a bag of popcorn in the microwave and enjoy a great snack. Back in the day, popcorn was made on the stove or in the Jiffy-Pop aluminum package. Lynn over at “Happier than a Pig […]

Salted Caramel Rice Krispie Squares

Sweet and salty is one our favorite combination. Add it to tradition Rice Krispie Bars and you can turn them into something special! Jessica of “Butter, with a Side of Bread” was craving caramel and marshmallow and developed this unique […]

Cinnamon Crescent Rings

This recipe is a new twist on refrigerated Crescent Rolls. You’ll love how tasty they are and how quick they come together! Ginny of “Vegan in the Freezer” celebrates her first year of posting recipes on her website! These delicious […]

Freezer Apple Pie Filling

Now that apple pickin’ time is here, this is a great way to make up some apple pie filling to use over the Holidays and simple when you want pie and don’t have to go through much fuss. Holly of […]

Upside Down Apple Pie

Baking is good for the soul, as anyone who loves to bake – or loves to eat freshly baked cookies warm from the oven, can surely tell you. This pie is everyone’s favorite. It looks and tastes like a giant […]

Chocolate Malt Cookies

These cookies are the next best thing to a good old-fashioned chocolate malt. Malted milk powder adds a rich component to these cookies. Joan of “Chocolate, Chocolate and More” adds a double dose of chocolate with cocoa powder and chocolate […]

Thin Mints

If you love chocolate and mint, you are sure to love this homemade version of the Girl Scout Cookie. Thin Mints are one of their best selling cookies! Claudia of “What’s Cookin’ Italian Style Cuisine give us her recipe for […]

Date Rice Krispie Balls

This an easy no-bake recipe for a Vegan sweet treat made with our favorite cereal. “Vegan in the Freezer” whips up a batch of these for get-togethers, parties and the holidays. These crispy delights are filled with dates, walnuts and […]

Chocolate Mousse Cake

Chocolate Mousse cake is truly a decadent dessert. This chocolate dream sure is a show stopper! Jim and Christina from “BeMindfulBeHuman” will usually treat themselves to the richest dessert on the menu when eating out – and why not?! This […]

Praline Pumpkin Pie

A great choice when you can’t decide whether to make pumpkin or pecan pie for the Holidays! This classic dessert gets a sweet twist with Southern-style pecan brown sugar topping. “Make Life Delicious” makes a classic pumpkin pie and tops […]