12 Delicious Homemade Bread Recipes

You can’t beat home baked bread! Even bread baked in a breadmaker is an improvement over most shop brought bread. If you’re in the mood to bake some bread, you really should head to ‘Common Sense Homesteading’ and bookmark their […]

Simple Chocolate Ganache Tart Recipe

Simple is often best and that’s the case here.  You cannot, I repeat cannot, go wrong with a chocolate tart. Simple to make and delicious and easy to eat. This would not see out the day in our home! This […]

Asparagus and Mint Frittata Recipe

I love asparagus and I try to eat as much of it as I can whilst it is in season.  Here is a quick and easy asparagus frittata recipe from ‘Lisa’s Kitchen’. If you have some space in your garden, […]

Common Kitchen Measurements “Cheat Sheet”

  How frustrating is it when a recipe uses measurements you are not familiar with? Luckily ‘One Good Thing By Jillee’ is here to the rescue. Print this out and pin it to the refrigerator or keep it handy with […]

Simple Roasted Tomato Soup Recipe

Now there’s tomato soup, and there’s tomato soup. Tomato soup from a packet or can is fine if you are pressed for time and need something quick. Homemade tomato soup delicious and so quick and easy to make though, HOWEVER, […]

Lemon Blondies with Lemon Glaze Recipe

Chocolate brownies are my favourite sweet ever (oh and cheesecake!). You know what a chocolate brownie is, well these are lemon blondies! Like chocolate brownies with a similar texture, but with the chocolate substituted with lemon. They also have a […]

Zesty Ancho Chile Glazed Chicken Wings Recipe

This is a nice and quick munchies recipe from the ‘Hopeless Foodie’, that is ideal for game day, movie night and lazy afternoon barbecues.  Who doesn’t love spicy chicken wings? (Sorry vegetarians…) I think it is fair to say that […]

Creamy Herbed Potato And Green Pea Salad Recipe

You just know this is going to taste amazing! It’s also a nice seasonal dish as if you are lucky right now, you may already have some delicious baby potatoes and some super sweet peas, just about ready for popping. […]

Chicken Butter Masala – Step By Step Recipe & Tutorial

I absolutely love curries and Indian food.  I am sad to say I don’t cook Indian food enough, it tends to be the Take Away of choice when we’re having a night off from cooking though. If you love cooking […]

One Shot: Chilled Avocado Smoothie

Continuing the it’s (I wish it was) Summer theme, check out this delicious chilled avocado smoothie from ‘Flavor Boulevard’. It is super simple to make, it’s great for a hot day and it’s pure health in a glass. One or […]

Cherry Tomato, Onion And Basil Quiche

This is a great recipe from ‘Recipes from a Normal Mum’. I can only agree with what Holly says on her website about winter dragging on too long and too many bugs etc. It’s time for Summer! If you want […]